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Welcome to Biman Bangladesh Airlines
Biman should immediately take a flight. It gives us great pleasure to let you know that Biman has integrated a top-notch booking engine for its cherished customers to deliver the greatest service. Through our website, take advantage of incredible savings, acquire your e-ticket, personalize your reservation, and track the progress of your flight in real time. To make your reservation smoothly and at the lowest possible price, just follow a few easy steps. The airline that serves all of Bangladesh is Biman Bangladesh Airlines, formerly known as Air Bangladesh. Initially operating only inside Bangladesh’s aviation sector, the airline was launched in February 1972 and later expanded to serve 29 foreign locations.

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The national airline and flag carrier of Bangladesh is Biman Bangladesh Airlines. The airline is frequently referred to as Biman or, occasionally, as Biman Bangladesh. The airline’s primary hub is at Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) in Dhaka, and it also runs flights from its secondary hubs at Shah Amanat International Airport (CGP) in Chittagong and Osmani International Airport (ZYL) in Sylhet. Over 20 destinations are served by Biman Bangladesh Airlines’ regular passenger routes. It serves as the primary connection between Bangladesh and the rest of the world, connecting Dhaka and Chittagong with important locations across the globe like Delhi, Toronto, London, Riyadh, Dubai, Guangzhou, and several more cities in Europe, Asia, and the Americas.After East Pakistan, now officially known as Bangladesh, gained independence from West Pakistan in February 1972, the airline was established. From 1972 until 1996, Biman had a monopoly on Bangladesh’s domestic aviation market. Initially known as “Air Bangladesh,” the airline soon changed its name to “Biman Bangladesh Airlines.The is primarily recognized for its international flights, but it also offers local flights that link towns within the nation. Regional destinations can be reached from Dhaka with ease through convenient transfer connections. Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates cargo flights in addition to its regularly scheduled trips.Biman Bangladesh operates Hajj flights that are scheduled each year exclusively for travel to and from Mecca in Saudi Arabia during and in the run-up to Hajj, alongside other airlines in the area.Looking for domestic flights within Bangladesh? Scheduled passenger flights are conducted by Biman Bangladesh Airlines to, from, and within Bangladesh.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Carry-on Baggage

You are allowed to bring one piece of carry-on luggage, which can be either a purse or a laptop with a maximum weight of 7kg (or 15lbs) for economy class travel and 10kg (or 22lbs) for business class travel. The total of the three dimensions (length, breadth, and height) should not be more than 115 cm / 45 in.

biman Bangladesh airlines
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Checked Baggage

Biman Bangladesh allows passengers to check up to 30kg (66lbs) of bags for Business Class flights, 20kg (44lbs) for Economy Class flights, and 10kg (22lbs) for infants. The 30kg/66lbs is only allowed in two parts in Business Class. Each piece’s combined length, breadth, and height cannot be greater than 62 inches (158 cm). A single piece of luggage may not exceed 30 kg (66 lbs) in weight. The 20kg/44lbs free baggage allowance in Economy Class is only permitted in a maximum of two items.

Binman Bangladesh Airlines In-flight Entertainment & WIFI

Biman Bangladesh Airlines is a Bangladeshi airline which was founded in 1972. The company has its head office in Dhaka and its hub at Shahjalal International Airport. The company’s fleet consists of one Airbus A310, one Airbus A319, two Airbus A320s, two ATR 42-300s, one ATR 72-200, and three Bombardier Dash 8 Q400s. With the introduction of the in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi, Binman Bangladesh Airlines is now able to offer an improved customer experience. The in-flight entertainment and Wi-Fi service is available on all three of their aircrafts. The service has been designed to be user friendly for all passengers. Binman Bangladesh Airlines is a private airline company in Bangladesh. It is the first Bangladeshi airline to operate domestic flights and international flights. It was founded by the country’s major textile manufacturer, Binman Group in 2013. The company flies from Dhaka to Chittagong, Sylhet, Cox’s Bazar and other destinations with a fleet of two ATR 72-500 aircrafts. The company has partnered with Etihad Airways for their international flights and AirAsia for their domestic flights.

Dhaka to Barishal Flight Schedule

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Biman should immediately take a flight. It gives us great pleasure to let you know that Biman has integrated a top-notch booking engine for its cherished customers to deliver the greatest service. Through our Website, take advantage of incredible savings, acquire your e-ticket, personalize your reservation, and track the progress of your flight in real-time. To make your reservation smoothly and at the lowest possible price, just follow a few easy steps

Only airlines operate flights to the tourist city of Bangladesh. Among the domestic airlines, Biman Bangladesh, Novoair, Regent Airlines, and US-Bangla Airlines operate Dhaka to Barisal scheduled flights. The following table shows the flights available for the journey from Dhaka to Barisal . All the domestic airline operators have scheduled flights from Dhaka to Barisal and vice versa. The following table shows the flight schedules of the operating domestic airlines in Bangladesh.

Information on Dhaka Barisal Flight

Aerial Distance114 KM
Total flights from Dhaka to Barisal in a week10 flights
First FlightUS Bangla Airlines 171, departs at 02:10 PM
Last FlightBiman Bangladesh 469, departs at 04:00 PM
Popular Airlines from Dhaka to BarisalUS Bangla Airlines and Biman Bangladesh
Shortest Time of flights from Dhaka to Barisal00h 30m
Airport codes flights from Dhaka to BarisalDhaka-DAC, Barisal-BZL
Time of Dhaka to Barisal flights00h 30m
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Dhaka to Barisal Flight Schedules
Flight No
Days of Operation
BG 47316:4017:30Thursday
BG 47108:1008:55Friday, Sunday
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Barisal to Dhaka Flight Schedules
Flight No
Days of Operation
BG 47417:5518:40Thursday
BG 47209:2010:05Friday, Sunday
Biman Bangladesh Airlines Entertainment

The Biman Bangladesh Airlines has inflight entertainment installed on its long-haul aircraft. Each seat aboard the Boeing 787 and 777 aircraft have personal seatback inflight entertainment screens. The airline offers passengers the latest Hollywood and Bollywood movies and TV series to keep you entertained during your flight.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines WIFI

On some of their fleet’s airplanes, Biman Bangladesh does have WiFi capabilities. You have access to free WiFi on board Boeing 787-8 airplane thanks to installation of the system. But this is doable if you want to buy extra data. Once in flight, you can examine the costs for the various packages.

About easyJet’s Food & Drink

Biman Bangladesh offers complimentary meals and drinks on all of its long-haul flights. You will get a different food service depending on what time of day your flight is. You will get fresh juices, croissants with preserves, and a light main like an omelette if you are flying with the airline in the morning. Passengers will enjoy a salad, a main entrée like a flavorful lamb curry, a dessert, and free drinks on afternoon, evening, or night flights. All of the food served on the flight is halal. A special lunch service will be provided if you are traveling in a premium cabin.

About Binman Bangladesh Airlines Check-In

Binman Bangladesh Airlines Check-In is a company that provides ground services to the aviation industry. It was established in 1993 and it has been providing ground services to the aviation industry for more than two decades now.The company offers a range of services including aircraft parking, cargo handling, passenger check-in and baggage handling. They have more than 500 employees who work with them and they are located in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Binman Bangladesh Airlines Check-In is a Bangladeshi airline that offers flights to the major destinations in the country. It is one of the most popular airlines in Bangladesh and has been operating since 2007.The company’s name Binman comes from its owner, Binman Holdings Ltd. The company was founded by Mr. Omar Faruque and his wife Mrs. Farida Ferdousi who both have a great passion for aviation and travel.This airline has been operating since 2007 with a fleet of four aircrafts which are owned by them as well as leased from other companies like Qatar Airways, Oman Airways and Jet Airways.

Binman Bangladesh Airlines Online Check-in

You can check in online up to 24 hours before takeoff. 3 hours before domestic flight leaves and 4 hours before international flight departures are the cutoff times for online check-in. On the airline’s web check-in website, you can check in online.

Binman Bangladesh Airlines Airport Check-in

If you want to check in at the airport rather than online or if your route is not currently supported by online check-in, you must show up at the airport check-in counters. You should get at the airport three hours prior to takeoff, suggests Biman.

About Binman Bangladesh Airlines Frequent Flyer Programme
The “Binman Loyalty Club” is the name of the frequent flyer club offered by Biman Bangladesh Airlines.
Biman Loyalty Club: Biman Bangladesh Airlines offers a frequent flyer program with tiered advantages, a ton of unique incentives, and mileage rewards that can be earned on every voyage. The Biman Loyalty Club is their program’s name. For the following categories on all flights operated by Biman, Biman Loyalty Club members can earn miles based on the booking class and the distance flown: 100 miles for domestic flights, 5000 miles for flights to Europe, and 1000 miles for flights to Bangkok and Delhi.The frequent traveler program is divided into three tiers: Green Member, Silver Member, and Gold Member. Green Members: No minimal criteria apply; membership is open and free to everybody. The best seats on the plane, as well as, ideally, an open seat next to you, are reserved for Gold Members. Prior to checking in, you can choose to make an advanced seating reservation to get the best seat. 75,000 miles must be accrued annually to be eligible for a Gold Membership. You must fly 75,000 miles per year to keep Gold rank. With a new personal Gold card, two personal baggage cards, an official welcome letter from the CEO, an unique gift, and invitations to VIP events, you will receive a Gold welcome package. Silver members: To join the Silver Biman Loyalty Club, you must log a minimum of 50,000 kilometers annually. In addition to a letter from the CEO, you will get a unique Silver card. You’ll need to log 50,000 miles in flights to keep your Silver status.

No Airline Alliance: Biman No airline alliances currently include Bangladesh Airlines.
About Biman Bangladesh Airlines Special Services: The passengers of Biman can choose from a variety of unique services. Please see the services it provides listed below:
Wheelchairs: Wheelchair accessibility is possible on both arrivals and departures, however it must be requested at the time of booking. If you’ve made a reservation through our website, you can also contact the Alternative Airlines customer care team to request this service. Please visit our page on wheelchair assistance for additional details on this.
Unaccompanied minors: When making a reservation, make sure to request this service, which is accessible both for arrivals and departures.

Hub Airport

Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport: Bangladesh’s main airport, Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC), is the biggest in the country. It is used by both the Bangladesh Air Force and is controlled and maintained by the Civil Aviation Authority of Bangladesh. Northern Dhaka’s Kurmitola, which is 17 kilometers from the city center, is where the airport is situated. Tejgaon Airport was replaced as the only international airport in the nation by Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, which opened for business in 1980. It serves as the central hub for all Bangladeshi airlines, such as US-Bangla Airlines, Regent Airways, and Biman Bangladesh Airlines. Airlines that fly to and from Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport (DAC) include Etihad Airways, Emirates, and numerous others.A three terminal airport International flights are operated from Terminals 1 and 2 in the same structure (Terminal 1 located on the ground floor and Terminal 2 is located on the upper floor). The Domestic Terminal, which handles domestic flights, is a different terminal that is also present.

Shah Amanat International airport: Biman Shah Amanat International airport serves as the country of Bangladesh’s secondary hub airport. After Hazrat Shahjalal International Airport, it is the second-largest airport in Bangladesh. in the city of Chittagong. The airport is also a hub airport for Regent airways, US-Bangla airlines and is a hub for the Bangladesh flying school. Shah Amanat International Airport has has a capacity of 1.5 million passengers and 6,000 tonnes of cargo per year.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Fleet

As of 2022, Biman Bangladesh Airlines operates a fleet of over 20 aircraft. Within its fleet, it flies:
Boeing 737-800
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 787-8
Boeing 787-9
De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400
Passengers using cellphones with roaming capabilities on the Boeing 787-8 aircraft will also be able to call and text devices on the ground through satellite connectivity..

Frequently asked questions Frequently asked questions

How many aircraft does Biman Bangladesh have?

The following 21 aircraft make up Biman Bangladesh Airlines' fleet as of this writing: Boeing 737-800, six Boeing 777-300ER, four Boeing 787-8, four Boeing 787-9, two De Havilland Canada Dash 8-400, five total, plus one on order. This can and will change in the future, though, as airlines routinely update and remove aircraft from their fleet.

Is Biman Bangladesh Airlines safe?

Undoubtedly, Biman Bangladesh Airlines is a secure carrier. Being the national carrier of Bangladesh, it is allowed to fly in the majority of the world's airspace, including that of the European Union, which is known to ban airlines from using its airspace if they are not safe. The airline also successfully completed its International Operational Safety Audit (IOSA).

Who owns Biman Bangladesh Airlines?

The airline company transitioned from the commercial to the public sector in 2007. The Bangladeshi government currently owns the airline through the Bangladesh Biman corporation. The airline's corporate offices are in Balaka Bhaban, Kurmitola. If you want to travel to Singapore, Thailand, Barisal, or Jessore, Biman Bangladesh Airlines can provide flights to over 15 international and over 5 domestic destinations.

How to buy a Biman Bangladesh Airline ticket?

Using Alternative Airlines, you can purchase a ticket for the Biman Bangladesh Airline. Just enter the appropriate travel dates and your final destination in the flight search box and click "find flights." You may then compare all of our flight fares by selecting the airline you want to fly with (such as Binman Bangladesh Airline). With one of our purchase now, pay later payment options, which let you pay for your flights in installments, such Klarna, Afterpay, Zip, and Tabby, you can secure your reservation.